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XMLmind workflow

The XXE (XMLmind XML Editor) is designed not to break XML documents. If a well-formed XML document is loaded, it is not possible to create ill-formed XML. In addition to that, a schema is loaded that checks if the structure and values of the XML are coherent (or valid in XML terms). The schema also controls which tags can be inserted at a specific position in a document. This is a great help while editing XML files for EOA.

For example, a bibliographical reference is created by a ref element inside a bibl element. The ref element requires as attributes

* the cited work in form of a short citekey (e.g. Needham:1954, prefixed with #)

* the way the citation should be rendered (as author and year or simply the year)

All this information is stored in the schema, and by inserting a new bibl element, a boilerplate of this structure is inserted:

Moreover, the since in the context of a bibliographical reference the type attribute of ref can be nothing else but authoryear or year, only these two values are offered when specifing the value:

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