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Configuration of TeXWorks

TeXWorks is a user friendly and easy-to-install editor. The steps described here are necessary to configure the editor and make it work in connection with our template. First, the setting UTF-8 will be used as coding for the TeX files, and then Biber will be added to the menu.

1. UTF-8 Coding

Once TeXWorks has been started, select Edit • Preferences to call up the settings. From this window, you should first select from Editor the entry Encoding, then UTF-8. This step is essential to avoid corrupt and inoperable files!

2. Adding Biber

Under Typesetting in the same window, you will find the option Processing Tools in the middle of the list. By clicking on the plus sign on the right (1) you can initiate a new request.

In the window that appears, enter Biber in the Name field. Then deactivate the option View PDF after running. Click on the plus sign in the bottom right-hand corner and create a new entry under Arguments. Now enter the character string $basename. Finally, click on the Browse button to open the Windows dialogue box. Select biber, which can be found in one of the following directories: c:\\texlive\2013\bin\win32 or c:\\texlive\2013\bin\win64.

The window should appear as shown above. You can close all the windows by clicking on the OK button. If you are working with the MikTeX distribution, you must choose a different path for biber. In this case, please consult the MikTeX documentation.

3. Compiling a Publication

To compile a publication, open the main TeX file and in the menu select Xelatex. Click on the green button to start the TeX program. To compile the bibliography using biblatex/biber, select the entry biber and then click again on the green button. To complete the compilation of the text, select XeLaTeX once again and create the final file by clicking on the green button.

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