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Configuration of JabRef

JabRef is a Java program—compatible with Windows—that can be used to create your bibliography. Before using JabRef, you must change the default encoding to UTF-8.

If Java-Runtime is not installed on your system, you can download and install the JRE-Installation package from the Oracle-Webseite.

Installing JabRef

Provided you have a functioning Java-Runtime, you can download the latest stable version here. Windows users will need the file Jab-Ref-Numbers-setup.exe. Once the download is complete, you can initiate the installation by double-clicking on the file. To work with our template, you need only the default settings provided via the installation process.

Configuring JabRef

After starting the program, select Options and then Preferences. In preferences, select General and then Default encoding. Under default encoding select UTF8.

In the same window, you can select under Advanced the option BibLaTeX mode. Once this procedure has been completed, the additional fields will be accessible.

Click on the OK button to save the settings. You can now begin to work on your bibliography.

Adding custom fields

In the default settings for JabRef, special fields such as Sortkey are not shown on the desktop. If you click Options • Setup general fields in the menu, a dialog box is shown which shows the settings for each field. Enter these settings by separating with semicolons. For example, if in the General view you would like to give an entry for the fields Sortkey and Sortauthor, enter in the line General the character string ;sortkey;sortauthor.

After restarting the program, you will find under the view General the fields Sortkey and Sortauthor.

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