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Download and installation

  1. install the program, launch it and close it again. Important: if the program asks you to update to a new version, do not update!
  2. clone the repository using Github Desktop
  3. create an Alias of eoa-xmlmind and move it to $USERDIR/Library/Application\ Support/XMLmind/XMLEditor7/addon
  4. rename eoa-xmlmind Alias to metopes_tei
  5. connect to xserve01 and copy OA Publications LD/Technical Stuff/Technical Data/pdn_tools into $USERDIR/Library/Application\ Support/XMLmind/XMLEditor7/addon
  6. re-open XMLmind and open the XML file you want to work on. The middle pane should show you a formatted version of the book.
  7. Now you can make changes.

How do I get a PDF version?

- clone the repository - in the Terminal, issue a command:

     java -jar /Applications/ -s:$PATH_TO_XML_FILE -xsl:$PATH_TO_EOASkripts/tei2eoatex.xsl -o:studies11.tex parts=0

- this will generate the LaTeX files - use your favourite LaTeX editor and issue the familiar commands XeLaTeX, biber, XeLaTeX, XeLaTeX

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